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3 Everyday Habits That Injure Your Neck

neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma CityHere’s a piece of advice from our neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City: Be mindful of your routine as some of your daily habits actually hurt your neck. 

The neck does a tough job. It keeps your head attached to your body throughout your lifetime. Therefore, even the simplest mistake of sitting with an improper posture can misalign your spine and harm your neck.

In addition, the soreness and stiffness that accompany neck pain can restrict your range of motion, making your daily activities much harder to perform. Even more challenging when other symptoms like shoulder ache, headache, and arm pain persist with your neck problem.

Besides poor posture, many things in your daily routine injure your fragile neck. Those are what you are going to find out in this blog post. 


1. Sleeping in the wrong way

Sleeping is one of the most vital parts of our everyday routine. When we go to sleep, we allow our bodies to rest and take a break. But no matter how soundly you sleep, there’s a great chance that you will wake up with severe neck pain in the morning. This scenario can happen when you sleep through the night with improper sleeping posture. 

The stomach sleepers use the toughest sleeping position for their necks. Sleeping on your stomach makes you arch your back and turn your neck on an awkward side position. These things can add pressure to your neck and spine.

Your default sleeping position may be hard to change. Still, it is worth trying to practice sleeping in a friendly position for both your spine and neck. Sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side are two of the healthiest sleeping positions. 

2. Sitting for too long

Our neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City speaks against sitting for long hours as it can interfere with your spine’s alignment. The strain and pressure that are placed on your neck when you sit for extended hours can move your spine out of proper alignment. Your spinal nerves will suffer compression, causing nerve irritation, neck pain, and other health issues when this happens. 

It will affect your neck’s ability to function properly in the long run.  This is most true when you are someone who slouches a lot. That is why it is so important for you to sit straight and take breaks between work to avoid this problem.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

3. Using gadgets all-day

We tend to keep our eyes on our phones all day. When you look at your surroundings, everybody is fixated on their phone screensin offices, at home, while waiting for the bus, or eating at restaurants. This innocent act can lead to debilitating neck pain.

Using gadgets stresses your neck muscles and adds excess pressure to your spine. The result? You will experience neck pain, neck stiffness, headache, neck spasms, and shoulder pain. The pain can get worse at any moment. As your neck continues to bend forward and downward, it can feel worse pressure over time. Your spine will fall out of alignment when you do this every day. 

The bottom line is you should keep your virtual lifestyle in moderation. You need to set limitations when using technology. Because if you don’t, your body will intensely suffer at the end of the day. Even mild neck pain can affect your life in significant ways. So, spend hours of your day away from your phone and simply appreciate the simplicity of life.


Neck Pain Care Methods That Work

The following care methods will benefit you if you have chronic neck pain. 

Rest your neck 

Rest is one of the first aid to any kind of body pain, including neck pain. Sometimes, doing absolutely nothing can combat the pain. When you are resting, you allow your neck and entire body just to relax. In addition, rest can take the pressure off your neck muscles, ligaments, and joints. Ultimately, this will allow your neck to recover from the pain naturally. But you need only to take some rest for a short period. Too much resting can cause your neck to become sore and stiff. 

Get a neck massage 

Massage therapy is one of the most common and traditional ways to relieve neck pain. So, if you have a companion with you at home, you may ask them to give you a neck massage. A neck massage can increase your blood circulation, reduce muscle pressure and tension, and improve your mood. A gentle neck massage can also encourage relaxation and improve your neck’s range of motion.

Visit a specific chiropractor

Visiting a neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City is one of the best favors that you can do for your neck. A neck pain chiropractor that practices specific chiropractic pinpoints a spinal misalignment. They correct a spinal misalignment through gentle and precise adjustments. This allows your brain, spine, neck, and entire body to function correctly again, removing any interference that is causing pain and discomfort in your neck. These benefits of specific chiropractic are vital in restoring your optimal health.


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