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5 Ways Sitting is Killing Your Nerves

sitting, chiropractor to relieve a pinched nerve in Oklahoma CityToo much sitting can harm your nerves just as much as smoking does. Think about how long you sit for an entire day. Your day job is perhaps making you spend 8-12 hours on a chair with very minimal breaks. And at home, you probably spend your rest time being a couch potato and just watching your favorite television show all night.

This is now what modern society looks like. Unfortunately, many people experience pinched nerve problems more than ever because of a sedentary lifestyle. Health issues caused by sitting make people turn to remedies such as visiting a chiropractor to relieve a pinched nerve in Oklahoma City. To better understand why sitting for too long is not recommended, be sure to read this blog until the end. 


Effects of Prolonged Sitting that Damage the Nerves

Sitting may make you feel relaxed after a very tiring day, but it can also be a silent nerve killer. Here are some ways sitting can cause severe damage to your nerves. 

Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve happens when surrounding tissues on your body compress a nerve. This condition causes numbness, pain, and tingling in the affected part of the body. Anything that increases pressure around your nerve can cause this condition to develop. 

However, one of the most overlooked causes of pinched nerves is prolonged sitting. You would not feel this effect in one sitting because a pinched nerve develops slowly. You may feel pinched nerves in various areas of your body depending on how you’re sitting and your posture. You may visit a chiropractor to relieve a pinched nerve in Oklahoma City. 

Poor Circulation of Vital Nutrients

Your body’s circulatory system is the one responsible for sending vital components (oxygen, blood, and nutrients) throughout your body. Various things can cause poor circulation, one of which is prolonged sitting, especially for overweight people. 

Poor circulation affects blood flow. When this happens, your nerves may be deprived of the essential components it needs to function fully. In addition, reduced blood flow can cause tingling, numbness, pain—symptoms of pinched nerves. 

Deterioration of the Muscles

One of the worst things that prolonged sitting can cause is the weakening of muscles in the body. Muscle deterioration is a symptom of nerve damage. This results from the shrinking of the vital muscles due to sitting. Having weak muscles can potentially lead to injuries and stabilization problems, especially when walking or standing. 

Increased Blood Sugar Level

Unbroken periods of sitting can increase your blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, high blood sugar levels can result in nerve damage and nerve pain. This problem causes the nerves to stop sending important messages to various body parts, which causes one to experience numbness. These health issues will make it hard for you to perform daily activities without feeling any discomfort. 

High Blood Pressure

A sedentary lifestyle such as lack of exercise and extended hours of sitting can increase blood pressure. High blood pressure is dangerous for people with existing heart disease. In addition, this problem can also cause significant damage to the nerves. Over time, unregulated high blood pressure may increase your risk of stroke or heart failure. 

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Ways to Prevent Nerve Problems from Sitting

If you always feel bouts of pain after sitting for an extended period, there are some things you need to change. Sitting for long hours may result in postural problems that may damage your nerves in the long run. For example, employees who sit for hours on their desks complain about health issues.

If you are required to work on your desk for hours, you can take some steps to minimize your risk of developing nerve pain. While it is a must to visit a chiropractor to relieve a pinched nerve in Oklahoma City, these tips can also help you reverse the pain. 

1. Maintain proper posture when sitting

Sitting with proper posture can help improve blood flow. A proper posture also helps maintain the health of your nerves and blood vessels. If you make this a part of your sitting habit, your health will significantly improve. Therefore, you will be less likely to experience nerve-related pain.

2.  Take regular breaks from sitting

You also need to practice this tip and make this a habit. We could not stress enough how vital breaks are, especially if your work involves a lot of sitting. Take a brief rest every 30 mins to an hour to stretch your muscles and release tension from your nerves. Additionally, breaks can help in making you feel less tired in the middle of work. Aside from stretches, you can also get a cup of coffee, take a stroll around your home or office, or take bathroom breaks. 

3. Become more active

Make sure that you engage your body in physical activities. Exercising and yoga are two of the best physical activities to reverse nerve problems. In addition, you can incorporate activities into your busy days by using stairs instead of elevators, parking further away from your destination and walking the rest of the way, or simply doing simple neck stretches during lunch breaks. 


See a Chiropractor to Relieve a Pinched Nerve in Oklahoma City

Prolonged sitting plus improper posture can cause a misalignment in the spine. This problem can result in various health issues, including pinched nerves. In addition, when your nerve is compressed and is put under too much pressure, you may feel a significant amount of pain and numbness. These symptoms can affect the quality of your life.

Fortunately, Venturis Chiropractic & Prolotherapy offers outstanding specific chiropractic care for your spine and body. We make gentle and precise adjustments to realign your spine and release the pinched nerve. This natural care can help your body achieve long-lasting relief without the use of invasive procedures. 

So, if you are a person who is experiencing the debilitating effects of pinched nerves, reach out to us for help. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Alvin Philipose today, or reach us at (405) 848-7246. We ensure to offer you quality care for your specific needs.


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