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Digital motion x-ray and prolotherapy Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Digital Motion X-ray is the only diagnostic innovation in chiropractic since the invention of upright x-ray over 100 years ago. Digital Motion X-ray is a technology that allows for spinal imaging under load (motion) using fluoroscopy. In essence, it is a live x-ray machine that captures motion like a video camera.

Digital Motion X-Ray is a technique that allows your doctor to see the spine in motion. This technology better demonstrates the problem areas of your spine and helps determine a treatment plan best suited for you. The purpose of Digital Motion X-Ray is to observe how one vertebrae moves in relation to its adjacent vertebrae by placing markers on certain bony landmarks. Your spine will be imaged in multiple positions including bending, twisting, and side bending. After analyzing the images, your doctor will be able to correlate those abnormal movements with your pain symptoms.

Patients treated with prolotherapy who first undergo digital motion x-ray experience a decreased need for medication and opioids, improved range of motion, and experience faster healing times, when compared to patients treated with prolotherapy only.

If you have an injury that is chronic, prolotherapy might be right for you. Digital motion x-ray helps to ensure the best possible treatment outcome so you can get rid of those nagging injuries.

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