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Get Rid of Neck Pain with These 5 Sleeping Practices

Did you know that thousands of people go to a specific chiropractor in Oklahoma City because of neck pain? At first, it may not seem like a severe problem. However, neck pain can quickly become a lingering or worsening symptom that can set off a series of problems like difficulty moving your head or taking care of your family members. It can also increase your risk for various diseases and conditions like vertigo, migraines, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis. 

Thankfully, you have plenty of options to get neck pain relief in Oklahoma City, including improving how you sleep. Below are the top 5 sleeping techniques to help you minimize your likelihood of waking up to an achy neck.

#1. Mind the firmness of your pillow

If you’ve gone to a specific chiropractor in Oklahoma City, you’ve probably heard that your pillow matters in easing your neck pain. The firmness of the pillow you use determines the height of your head and neck while you sleep. If you pick something too firm or too soft, you might wake up with severe discomfort. In addition, the lack of proper support causes your neck to stay bent for several hours until you get out of bed. 

Unfortunately, when your neck gets exposed to the same stressor each night, your bones start to shift and wreak havoc on your nerves and muscles. 

As much as possible, you should check your pillow’s firmness when you experience neck pain after waking up. You should also factor in your sleeping position. Do you lie on your back? Do you prefer sleeping on your side?

By looking into these two factors, you can pick a pillow that can provide enough structural support for your head and neck while you sleep. 

Here are shopping tips to remember, depending on your sleeping position:

  • Side sleeper – Go for a firm pillow, so you get enough support on your shoulder, neck, and head. It should fill in the spaces between your head and your neck. 
  • Sleeping on your back – Opt for a flat type of pillow, so you achieve neutral height when you lie down in bed. You can also place another flat pillow beneath your knees to further prevent back and neck strain.  
  • Combination sleeper – Choose a pillow with a semi-firm texture, such as those containing mixed pillow fillers like buckwheat hull pillows or microbeads. This way, your pillow can easily conform to the curves of your neck. 

#2. Don’t forget to consider your pillow’s breathability

Besides the firmness of the pillow, we also strongly recommend checking the breathability of the material. If your pillow has a dense filling like feathers, polyester, or memory foam, you might have difficulty staying asleep because of the heat. It will help if you go for more breathable materials like microbeads, buckwheat hulls, cotton, or kapok.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

#3. Say no to sleeping flat on your belly

Healthcare practitioners who provide neck pain relief in Oklahoma City strongly advise against sleeping on your belly because it often leads to many health concerns. 

For starters, it puts immense pressure on your spinal column, making you prone to subluxation. It can also trigger disc herniation or disc bulging, another debilitating condition that can affect your nerve function. Lastly, it can start or worsen GERD, a digestive disorder that causes the acidic content of the stomach to backflow into the esophagus. 

#4. Invest in a good-quality mattress 

Your pillows and mattresses both play a critical role in preventing body pain. If you have a bed that’s too old or worn out, we recommend shopping for a new one. Choose one that can provide ample support and comfort to your body while you lie down. If you recently bought a mattress, you can consider rotating it so you can lie down on the firmer side. 

#5. Develop healthy sleeping habits

Sometimes, neck pain goes beyond a simple pillow or mattress problem. Studies explain that sleep-deprived people are more sensitive to pain. Restless sleep also increases one’s risk of developing chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. 

If you haven’t been getting enough sleep, we suggest trying the following:

  • Establishing a specific waking up and sleeping time
  • Avoiding exposure to blue light (from your phone or TV) before bedtime
  • Practicing relaxation techniques like yoga or deep breathing
  • Steering clear from caffeinated or alcoholic drinks hours before your sleep
  • Minimizing hours spent sleeping during the day
  • Taking supplements that aid sleeping, such as melatonin


Certified Specific Chiropractor in Oklahoma City for Your Neck Pain

When your neck pain has become a regular part of your life, it suggests that you likely have a spinal subluxation. Primarily, this means that the bones in your spine have shifted from their original alignment, and they may be putting undue mechanical stress on your nerves and muscles. 

Thankfully, besides practicing the sleeping techniques we noted above, you can also begin experiencing massive relief from your pain through specific chiropractic. It is a promising approach to dealing with a painful neck because it aims to restore balance in your spine.

It involves assessing the misalignment and finding the crucial points that require timely chiropractic adjustments. It’s a straightforward, precise, and gentle process that a patient can complete after several appointments with our specific chiropractor in Oklahoma City, Dr. Alvin Philipose. 

We at Venturis Clinic provide our patients with chiropractic adjustments to relieve neck pain and prevent the onset of other nightmarish health problems like migraines, vertigo, and fibromyalgia.  

If you want to get neck pain relief in Oklahoma City or hope to schedule an appointment for your first chiropractic adjustment, you can contact us at (405) 848-7246. Alternatively, you can reach us via our contact form.


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