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What is plantar fasciitis? How Prolotherapy is the best proposed solution for its treatment?

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is broadly classified as the inflammation of the broad tissue at the base of feet. This condition arises because of the stretching of the band of tissue that runs across the whole length of the foot and serves to connect the heel with the toes. When this broad band is inflamed, an intense pain is felt at the heel.

The specific pain of plantar fasciitis is felt at the morning when the patients usually take their first steps. Then the pain intensity tends to decrease when one start the normal walking but again if the patient stands for a long time or stands after sitting for a longer time period, it again returns.

The occurrence of plantar fasciitis is more commonly observed in obese people, people who wear inappropriate shoes and the fast runners. To prevent such a worsening outcome, doctors advise patients to use the shoes which are not flat and to maintain their weight within the optimum limits.

Plantar fasciitis is accompanied by the symptoms like stabbing pain, difficulty in walking and extreme degree of tenderness over the heel area. It has many complications which include the intense pain that radiates to whole foot, knee and hip joints even.

There are a wide number of diagnostic tests to identify plantar fasciitis . X-rays , magnetic resonance imaging MRI and computerized tomography CT are the best opted techniques for the examination of plantar fasciitis . Some doctors check for the tenderness in the neck to diagnose this inflammatory problem.

Prolotherapy for the treatment of plantar fasciitis

Prolotherapy is the technique that employees the use of injections for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and other joint related problems. Prolotherapy is used to subside the pain, inflammation and swelling at the tissue injury site. These remarkable effects are achieved by injecting the damaged joint tissue with the medicated formulations containing various anti inflammatory agents, vitamins, minerals, local anesthetics and many other natural substances.

We offer the best Prolotherapy at our clinic Venturis Chiropactic and acupuncture in the Oklahoma city. Our highly experienced Dr. Alvin Philipose has been performing prolotherapy for patients from all over the world from the last 20 years. He ensures the best treatment with the successful outcomes.

Prolotherapy is employed by many methods like the use of collagen, dextrose solution and most importantly ozone. These methods are discussed below. All of these have the high success rate. The initial injection of Prolotherapy with ozone causes pain and irritation for some time but the 90% of pain subsides after a few minutes permanently.

Prolotherapy using the dextrose solution in the injections for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis caused by excessive running, exercise or obesity usually has a poor recovery rate because the broad tissue once got injured due to over stretching is unable to recover unless repaired by the natural means.

Dextrose solutions in the Prolotherapy have excellent results. These injections are known for healing the torn and distorted ligaments of foot. In the plantar fasciitis, there is a gradual stretching and disruption of plantar fascia due to which the fascia and the adjoining tissues are over stretched and got injured. These injured tissues make the foot joints unstable and this way the alignment of the foot bones got disturbed. Prolotherapy injections are given to patients with the plantar fasciitis so that their torn ligaments are repaired.

Once the ligaments are repaired, the alignment of the foot joints is corrected and the resultant joints are strengthened counting for the extra stability of the foot. In this way, the plantar fasciitis complications such as pain are avoided and rectified to some extent with the dextrose Prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy using collagen formation mechanisms

Some of the Prolotherapy methods use the injections that stimulate the body immune response to produce collagen fibers. The collagen is then used for the repair of disrupted tendons, ligaments and muscles of the sole region. Prolotherapy is the best known technique as it has the tendency to heal the body disruptions naturally.

Proliferation of blood vessels

The dextrose solution contains some of the vibrant growth factors that stimulate the endothelial cells of the arthritic area hence causing enormous growth of blood vessels. These expanding blood vessels restore the normal blood flow and repair the arthritic wear and tear of the joint. This pronounced blood supply works for the betterment of body own healing mechanism and let the ruptured tissues to repair themselves.

Pain relief

The Prolotherapy procedure employing the dextrose solution gives the excellent results for the relief from pain permanently. When this solution is injected, it stimulates the cartilage and the torn ligaments growth, these growing structures add to the strength of joint cavity. Hence, the pain which was due to the inflamed and degenerated structures at the foot joints, get corrected permanently.

Prolotherapy with ozone in the treatment of plantar fasciitis

The prolotherapy procedure using ozone is commonly called Prolozone. This procedure is now very common in use for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. The prolozone treatment involves the injections of natural ozone gas mixed with minerals and vitamins, and various proliferative agents into the injured cervical region.

This treatment is widely opted as it causes the permanent cure of the severe pain and marked proliferation and regeneration in the damaged and inflammed area.

How does prolozone works?

The combination of prolotherapy with ozone works by many ways. Each of them is discussed below:

Relief from pain and inflammation

It was experimented that intense pain in the plantar fasciitis was due to many factors. Some scientists suggested that the pain was due to the irritation of many intra articular structures like ligaments, bone cavity, menisci around the foot joints and various tendons. And most important of all these factors is the inflammation around the injured joint which induces sharp pain.

Pain from all these causative agents is significantly relieved by prolozone injections. The injection of ozone causes the suppression of all the inflammatory molecules like the interleukins and substance P. When these pain eliciting inflammatory factors are suppressed the pain also gets suppressed.

Increasing the oxygen utilization by the damaged fascia and tissues

Stimulation of various growth factors to repair the ruptured tendons

Why prolotherapy is better than surgery and drugs

Prolotherapy is less expensive and faster than surgery and drugs usage.

Prolotherapy injections cause an immediate decrease in pain sensations. Initially, the injection pains for some minutes but later on about 80% to 90% of the pain subsides. On the contrary other medications and surgical methods have delayed and temporary effects.

Several anti-inflammatory medications cause overexpression of the pro-inflammatory cytokines and corpuscle whereas this aspect is avoided in prolotherapy.
A remarkable increase in the thickness of cartilage and ligaments thickness is seen after the prolotherapy with ozone. This fact leads to the strengthening of foot joints and the attached ligaments, fascia, and muscles and prevents degeneration further.

This is the best effective technique for the treatment of severe outcomes of plantar fasciitis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prolotherapy For Plantar Fasciitis

How does prolotherapy help in plantar fasciitis relief?
Prolotherapy aids in plantar fasciitis by strengthening the fascia and providing support to the arch of the foot. Prolotherapy aids in the regeneration and strengthening of weakened structures like the plantar fascia ligament.

What is the success rate of prolotherapy?
The prolotherapy success rate is about 95%. Once applied, patients usually does not require further treatment once the tendon or ligament is healed.

How painful is prolotherapy?
Prolotherapy injections are mildly painful. The shot can be numbed with a topical cream as needed or required.

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