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Back Pain When Sitting: Causes and Remedies

chiropractor for lower back pain in Oklahoma CityMany people visit a specific chiropractor for lower back pain in Oklahoma City. They have two goals in mind: 1) to find the root of their suffering and 2) to get natural relief. These topics are what exactly we will be talking about in this blog. So, be sure to read until the end.


What’s Causing Your Lower Back Pain When Sitting?

Imagine this scenario: You were waiting for a ride home at the bus stop. You realized you were already standing for too long, so you gave your legs a little rest by sitting down on a bench. But when you sat down, you felt extreme pain coming from your lower back. This was something you had never felt before. How can a simple act of sitting down leave you in such despair? The pain even grew gradually for days and hurt a lot each time you sat down. 

Lower back pain surely is not fun, but for many Americans, it is a familiar foe. Due to its familiarity, many choose to ignore what really is behind their suffering. Lower back pain could signal that there is something wrong with your spine. The root of pain can be mild or severe. But either way, your suffering will prolong the longer you ignore what is going on in your body. 

These are the common causes of lower back pain when sitting down. 

1. Arthritis

One of the most common symptoms of arthritis is lower back pain. Osteoarthritis of the spine can affect the lower back and cause it to wear and tear. The pain becomes more noticeable when you twist or bend your back. Bending your lower back is a movement that you do when you sit down. 

2. Improper posture

In an era where desk jobs are so common, a good posture has never been harder to achieve. You may find temporary comfort when hunching over your laptop, but this position can surely cause a painful discomfort at the end. Why? It’s because poor posture strains your back muscles and stresses your spine. When you sit down for too long with improper posture, pressure can build up in your spine. This affects the structure and alignment of your delicate backbones. 

As a result, you may experience problems other than lower back pain, such as fatigue and headache. Always remember that habitual poor posture can hurt your back and the rest of your body. A chiropractor for lower back pain in Oklahoma City is an ideal professional who can precisely correct spinal misalignments due to improper posture.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

3. Spinal tumors

Lower back pain is one of the earliest symptoms of spinal tumors. Since a spinal tumor is a mass that grows in or surrounding the spinal cord, it may cause a weakening or expansion of the bones. Unfortunately, this also results in pinched nerves, spinal instability, or spinal fracture. The pain can come about after simple acts such as bending your lower back to pick something up or when you sit down. 

4. Degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disc disease describes the wearing and tearing of the spinal discs as you age. It can occur anywhere in the spine, but it most commonly affects the lower region (lumbar area) and the neck. This condition may put pressure on your spinal cord and its surrounding nerves. As a result, you may experience unbearable pain when you twist or bend your lower back. 

5. Excess weight

Extra weight can add stress and pressure to your spine and joints. Also, excess fat on your belly can cause your lower back to slant forward, creating a round arch in the back. These things may result in spinal disc problems such as lower back pain and muscle strain. The pain can get even more intense when you sit down.


Avoid Lower Back Pain When Sitting By Following These

Sitting is one of the most repeated actions that we do every day. We sit when we eat, work, or enjoy a movie night with loved ones. But for people with lower back pain, sitting down may become a very daunting task as it can put them in such debilitating pain. 

Here are quick tips to help you avoid lower back pain when sitting down. 

1. Lose weight

Your spine is amazingly designed to carry and balance your body weight. However, it cannot hold excess weight in the long run. Over time, excess weight may eventually damage your delicate spine. Losing weight can result in complete or partial lower back pain relief. You can lose excess weight by following an exercise program that best suits your current health status. So, be sure to talk to your doctor about your weight loss plan. 

2. Maintain good posture

We cannot stress enough how important proper posture is for your entire spine. So, be sure to avoid slouching when you’re sitting or standing for your lower back’s sake. 

Even though improper posture has been your problem for years, it is still possible for you to make improvements. Practice proper posture every single day. Ergonomic products can make things much easier for you, especially if the nature of your work involves sitting on a chair for hours. Maintaining good posture shouldn’t stop at the end of your day. You should keep it even while you sleep. These tips can help you wake up and start a new day with a pain-free lower back. 

3. Visit a chiropractor for lower back pain in Oklahoma City

A licensed specific chiropractor for lower back pain in Oklahoma City can have the answer to your problems. Dr. Alvin, a trusted provider of this form of natural care, offers a specific and gentle approach to correct spinal misalignment, which could be causing your lower back pain. Specific chiropractic practice can allow your body to recover naturally. It also helps with your balance, blood circulation, and overall health.


You Can Trust Our Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain in Oklahoma City

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