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Meet The Doctor
Dr. Alvin Philipose founded Venturis Clinic in order to pursue the goal of providing comprehensive  natural nonsurgical treatments such as neural therapy and prolotherapy. Venturis also offers a wide range of lab testing and supplements to ensure our patients live a healthy life.

A visit to Venturis can can treat and prevent soft tissue issue injury while avoiding surgery and drugs. Regular acupuncture can release chronically contracted muscles and fascia, improving balance among muscle groups and promoting healthy circulation. Your body will be more balanced in the face of daily stresses as well as less prone to pain and injury.
Dr. Alvin Philipose, DC
University of Oklahoma- Bachelor of science-Biochemistry
Parker University-Bachelor of science- Anatomy
Parker University-Doctor of Chiropractic-

Certified Acupuncture
Board certified-Dry Needling
Board certified injectable nutrients and IV Infusions
Prolotherapist 22 years with thousands of procedures performed
Functional Medicine Advanced Training
Certified Proadjuster low force technique
Certified QNRT technique
Golf Injury Certification
Hyperbaric Chamber (HBOT) Certification
Whiplash Evaluation Digital Motion X-Ray certified

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Offering variety of pain management solutions 
If you have tried multiple types of doctors and treatments but still hurting, you may not have found the cause. We can help!
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7917 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, 
OK 73120, USA
(405) 848-7246
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