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Cervical instability refers to a condition in which the bones of the neck (cervical vertebrae) are not properly aligned or do not move smoothly against each other. This can lead to pain, discomfort, and a range of other symptoms. Cervical instability can be caused by a variety of factors, including degenerative changes in the neck, injury or trauma such as whiplash, and certain medical conditions. In some cases, cervical instability may be treated with non-surgical approaches such as chiropractic, dry needling and prolotherapy, but in other cases, surgery may be necessary to stabilize the neck and alleviate symptoms. It is important to consult with a Dr. Philipose and consider a digital motion x-ray study and ultrasound for proper diagnosis and treatment of cervical instability

Dr. Alvin Philipose is a Prolotherapist with 21 years of experience and insight to provide Neural Prolotherapy to patients in the Oklahoma City, Piedmont and other Oklahoma surrounding areas. NPT is a powerful, straightforward treatment that can produce noticeable results in just minutes.

NPT targets nerves that can cause chronic headaches and migraines. A low-dose dextrose solution is injected into the body through perineural injection, an injection near the area of a damaged nerve. Nerves become entrapped due to physical compression, moving them out of their natural alignment. Perineural therapy leverages the unique properties of dextrose. This is a holistic type of therapy, simple sugar that is used by the brain as our main energy source. No matter what you consume whether it is food or drinks, the nerves regularly demand dextrose and function optimally only when it is available to utilize. By introducing the dextrose substance in a targeted way, it becomes possible to reduce inflammation and enhance nerve function to decrease headaches and migraines. This helps “reset” nerves that may have become trapped in a sort of loop that consistently sends pain signals to the brain when little stimulus is present.

NPT is recommended for any patient who are found to have chronic headache pain resulting from nerve-related problems and or migraines. It is one of the only headache treatments that can effectively help people who suffer from neuropathic damage. NPT is not for everyone however, it is extremely safe, completely natural, requires no recovery time. It only takes a few minutes to diagnose and learn whether NPT therapy is the right therapy for you. In some cases, patients may experience complete elimination of their pain. NPT is also used for pain in other parts of the body, including but not limited to;

Contact Venturis Chiropractic & Prolotherapy and schedule your chronic headache consultation with Dr. Alvin Philipose to ensure that your are the perfect candidate for NPT!

Prolotherapy injections can help you heal your hip pain.

What is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a type of natural injection therapy that helps to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. This can be done by injecting a substance like sugar water (for example, dextrose) or a customized injection containing natural collagen, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients a joint may need into an injured area in order to stimulate the growth of new connective tissue. This extra tissue can then support and strengthen the area, which should reduce pain and increase function.

Prolotherapy for hip pain

Many people are confused about how prolotherapy works when it comes to hip pain because they assume that prolotherapy only works on joints instead of soft tissues. However, in reality, prolotherapy works on all types of connective tissue—not just joints. Since connective tissue covers bone, ligaments, and tendons, this means that prolotherapy can actually be very effective for helping hip pain caused by conditions like osteoarthritis or bursitis.

The bottom line: Prolotherapy isn't just for joint problems! If you have hip pain that isn't responding to other treatments like physical therapy or medication, prolotherapy may be able to give you the relief you need!

Dr. Philipose has performed thousands of injections over 21 years. Schedule a FREE consultation at 405-848-7246 in Oklahoma City.

neck pain chiropractic solutions in Oklahoma CityNeck pain is a killjoy that bothers anyone who has it. It’s the worst day when you feel sore and unable to move your neck or turn your head. While neckache usually disappears after a few days, a patient must observe when neck pain becomes regular and too painful, for it must indicate something more serious. 

When this is the case, neck pain chiropractic solutions in Oklahoma City will help, especially if you want safer, more natural care alternatives.

Depending on your environment, occupation, lifestyle, or daily routine, neck pain can be caused, triggered, or made worse by conditions like:


Reasons for Neck Pain

The neck is a highly complex riddle of bones in the upper region of the spine. Ligaments and muscles join forces to keep your head straight and able to move in different directions. Any defect affecting these muscular and skeletal components would result in stiffness, discomfort, or neck pain. 

The eight common causes of neck pain are:

1. Tension Headaches

The most common headache type, tension headaches bring about extremely tight and firm pressure around the head. They can also trigger excruciating pain in the neck and behind the eyes. Don’t be mistaken! Tension headaches are different from migraines but might feel like one and can be just as debilitating.

2. Whiplash

This form of injury happens when your head jerks in a sudden forward or backward motion. Whiplash often develops during car accidents and may also result from rollercoaster rides, skiing, football, and bungee jumping. Just about any high-impact activity where extreme acceleration-deceleration forces are applied to the neck can cause whiplash injury—even physical assault at times.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

3. Sprains or Strains

When overstretching of the spine's ligaments occurs, the neck muscles suffer from overstrain, leading to neck pain. People may strain their spine when they constantly use improper posture, sleep in an awkward position, make repetitive movements, and suffer from trauma.

4. Herniated or Bulging Disc

Tearing of the protective layer of the spine's intervertebral disc causes the jelly-like inner layer to leak. When this happens, you suffer from pain and inflammation. 

5. Osteoarthritis

Cervical osteoarthritis develops due to the wearing down of cartilage in the cervical joint. It is also known as cervical spondylosis. Degeneration of the joints, vertebrae, and discs in the cervical portion of the spine can result in pain, inflammation, and even impaired function.

6. Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a disorder in which spaces in the spinal column become narrow, compressing the spinal cord. This process is typically gradual. It can happen wherever in the spine, likely when you have chronic inflammation, arthritis, or any other underlying condition.

7. Fibromyalgia

This condition brings about pain in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout the body, including the neck, and may be hard to diagnose. Individuals frequently have widespread body aches and pains. It is also associated with tender points that can trigger extreme pain when touched.

Specific chiropractic has been proven to effectively relieve fibromyalgia patients' pain. Patients report a significant decrease in neck and even back and leg pain after only one chiropractic adjustment session. Because it provides natural and immediate relief without any traditional medication, specific chiropractic is regarded as one of the best natural relief options for the condition. The entire body functions normally and more efficiently when the spine is properly aligned.

8. Spinal Misalignments

When a spinal vertebra becomes misaligned even by a slight degree, it results in inflammation, neck pain, abnormal movement, and nerve dysfunction. 


We Offer Neck Pain Chiropractic Solutions in Oklahoma City

There are many care options for neck pain. Specific chiropractic adjustments, for one, are a safe and natural alternative if the patient does not want to consider surgery and pharmaceuticals.

Venturis Chiropractic & Prolotherapy offers neck pain chiropractic solutions in Oklahoma City. Patients get long-lasting relief with our qualified chiropractor who can perform safe and effective spinal adjustments. 

Chiropractors dedicate hundreds of hours of classroom learning and years of hands-on experience before they become qualified to adjust the spine in a very strategic and safe manner. The physical force for the adjustment is localized to specific parts of the spine in an effort to relieve pressure and tension and restore range of motion and proper alignment of the neck.

If you are one of those patients who prefer a natural remedy that provides lasting effects, then specific chiropractic might be the best option. Our chiropractor helps patients identify their condition's root cause and adjust the whole spine. He is responsible for significantly improving neck pains among Oklahoma City residents by correcting spinal misalignments, which are safe and tested by various studies. 

Arrange a consultation with Dr. Alvin Philipose by clicking this link or calling our office phone number (405) 347-8613. You may also walk in our office located at 7917 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120.


To schedule a consultation with Venturis Chiropractic & Acupuncture, call (405) 848-7246, or just click the button below.

neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma CityHere’s a piece of advice from our neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City: Be mindful of your routine as some of your daily habits actually hurt your neck. 

The neck does a tough job. It keeps your head attached to your body throughout your lifetime. Therefore, even the simplest mistake of sitting with an improper posture can misalign your spine and harm your neck.

In addition, the soreness and stiffness that accompany neck pain can restrict your range of motion, making your daily activities much harder to perform. Even more challenging when other symptoms like shoulder ache, headache, and arm pain persist with your neck problem.

Besides poor posture, many things in your daily routine injure your fragile neck. Those are what you are going to find out in this blog post. 


1. Sleeping in the wrong way

Sleeping is one of the most vital parts of our everyday routine. When we go to sleep, we allow our bodies to rest and take a break. But no matter how soundly you sleep, there’s a great chance that you will wake up with severe neck pain in the morning. This scenario can happen when you sleep through the night with improper sleeping posture. 

The stomach sleepers use the toughest sleeping position for their necks. Sleeping on your stomach makes you arch your back and turn your neck on an awkward side position. These things can add pressure to your neck and spine.

Your default sleeping position may be hard to change. Still, it is worth trying to practice sleeping in a friendly position for both your spine and neck. Sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side are two of the healthiest sleeping positions. 

2. Sitting for too long

Our neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City speaks against sitting for long hours as it can interfere with your spine’s alignment. The strain and pressure that are placed on your neck when you sit for extended hours can move your spine out of proper alignment. Your spinal nerves will suffer compression, causing nerve irritation, neck pain, and other health issues when this happens. 

It will affect your neck’s ability to function properly in the long run.  This is most true when you are someone who slouches a lot. That is why it is so important for you to sit straight and take breaks between work to avoid this problem.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

3. Using gadgets all-day

We tend to keep our eyes on our phones all day. When you look at your surroundings, everybody is fixated on their phone screensin offices, at home, while waiting for the bus, or eating at restaurants. This innocent act can lead to debilitating neck pain.

Using gadgets stresses your neck muscles and adds excess pressure to your spine. The result? You will experience neck pain, neck stiffness, headache, neck spasms, and shoulder pain. The pain can get worse at any moment. As your neck continues to bend forward and downward, it can feel worse pressure over time. Your spine will fall out of alignment when you do this every day. 

The bottom line is you should keep your virtual lifestyle in moderation. You need to set limitations when using technology. Because if you don’t, your body will intensely suffer at the end of the day. Even mild neck pain can affect your life in significant ways. So, spend hours of your day away from your phone and simply appreciate the simplicity of life.


Neck Pain Care Methods That Work

The following care methods will benefit you if you have chronic neck pain. 

Rest your neck 

Rest is one of the first aid to any kind of body pain, including neck pain. Sometimes, doing absolutely nothing can combat the pain. When you are resting, you allow your neck and entire body just to relax. In addition, rest can take the pressure off your neck muscles, ligaments, and joints. Ultimately, this will allow your neck to recover from the pain naturally. But you need only to take some rest for a short period. Too much resting can cause your neck to become sore and stiff. 

Get a neck massage 

Massage therapy is one of the most common and traditional ways to relieve neck pain. So, if you have a companion with you at home, you may ask them to give you a neck massage. A neck massage can increase your blood circulation, reduce muscle pressure and tension, and improve your mood. A gentle neck massage can also encourage relaxation and improve your neck’s range of motion.

Visit a specific chiropractor

Visiting a neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City is one of the best favors that you can do for your neck. A neck pain chiropractor that practices specific chiropractic pinpoints a spinal misalignment. They correct a spinal misalignment through gentle and precise adjustments. This allows your brain, spine, neck, and entire body to function correctly again, removing any interference that is causing pain and discomfort in your neck. These benefits of specific chiropractic are vital in restoring your optimal health.


Arrange a Visit with Our Neck Pain Chiropractor in Oklahoma City

Dr. Alvin Philipose will provide you with the neck pain relief you need through specific chiropractic. First, he will carefully examine your spine to develop a precise spinal adjustment plan tailored to your particular need. At the end of your first spinal adjustment, you will experience a breath of fresh air after enduring neck pain for a long time.

With Venturis Chiropractic & Prolotherapy, you will feel your best again. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Philipose today. You may reach our office through our online form.


To schedule a consultation with Venturis Chiropractic & Acupuncture, call (405) 848-7246, or just click the button below.

Neck Stiffness, neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City

Each of us had experienced uncomfortable neck stiffness at some point in our lives. Sometimes it is bearable, can be ignored for the most part. But other days, it’s throbbing, aching, and burning that you would be in tears if you turn your head around. The pain and stiffness often grow, ruining your plans for a healthy and beautiful day.

Now, you may be left wondering—what is causing your neck stiffness? You can better understand the source of your neck pain by visiting our neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City.


Five Possible Reasons Behind a Stiff Neck

Understanding the cause of your neck stiffness and pain is so important. Being able to explain the real root of your symptoms can also help you manage your situation better. Here are some of the possible causes of neck stiffness. 

1. Poor Sitting and Standing Posture

Poor posture can cause adverse health effects, including neck pain. If you have a serious habit of slouching, you can trace your neck problem right back to your posture. This is why you should listen to anyone who keeps on nagging you to sit up or stand up straight. Long hours of slouching on your couch can strain your ligaments and muscles, resulting in neck injury over time.

In addition, neck strain can add extra pounds of pressure to your spine and increase your risk of spinal misalignment. You can trust our neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City to correct this neck issue.

2. Whiplash

Whiplash is an injury to the neck. This injury can stem from a motor or any car accident that may cause your head to lurch in a sudden backward and forward motion forcibly. After a whiplash injury, you may feel stiffness or pain in your neck that will make it difficult to move your head from one side to another.

Symptoms of whiplash may vary from person to person. Others feel their symptoms soon after the accident, while some experience symptoms years later. Common long-term effects of whiplash include:

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

3. Infections

Both viral and bacterial infections that grow in the throat can result in the inflammation of the surrounding neck muscles. Some of the most common infections that can cause neck stiffness and pain include:

4. Sedentary Lifestyle

Have you ever thought that long hours of sitting down in your workstation without breaks can cause serious neck pain and stiffness?

Your body can experience heightened stress, especially when you aren’t physically active. This is why staying static for too long without any active movements is never encouraged. When consulting with our neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City, some patients admit that their sedentary lifestyle fuels their neck problems. 

So, how do you avoid living sedentarily if your work requires you to sit on your desk for too long?

5. Tension Headache

Tension headache is one of the most common types of headaches. It can cause mild to severe pain on your scalp, forehead, and neck. Neck pain and stiffness typically occur before the throbbing headache takes over.

The common causes of a tension headache include:


See a Specific Chiropractor in Oklahoma City Today!

There’s no reason to extend your suffering. With the help of Dr. Alvin, our neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City, you’ll find a natural relief for the unwanted stiffness on your neck.

Specific chiropractic technique is one of the most effective secrets in enjoying a better quality of life without relying on invasive methods. This technique focuses on restoring and maintaining your spinal alignment.

Specific chiropractic care is available here at Venturis Chiropractic & Acupuncture. Our gentle and precise spinal adjustment procedure will restore the proper communication between your brain and body and fix any interference in between. This care also allows your neck and entire spine to regain optimal health naturally.

Let’s trace back the source of your neck pain to begin your recovery journey! Visit us to retain your neck’s full function and to live pain-free. Set an appointment with Dr. Alvin through this form or call our office at (405) 848-7246.

To schedule a consultation with Venturis Chiropractic & Acupuncture, call (405) 848-7246, or just click the button below.

If you have tried multiple types of doctors and treatments but still hurting, you may not have found the cause. We can help!
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