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What are migraines ? How Prolotherapy is the best opted procedure for its treatment?

What is a migraine?
Migraine is an intense and throbbing pain usually felt on the side of the head. This pain may be intra cranial or extra cranial. Intra cranial pain is due to the irritation of meninges and extra cranial migraine commonly arises due to the disturbance of the structures outside the cranium. These structures are visual disturbances, nasal headache or any muscular pin that leads to the migraine headache.
The major causes of migraine headache are following:
Some major causes of migraine are the hormonal changes in the women. These imbalances can cause severe migraines.
Drinking too much alcohol can worsen the migraine.
Some time it is noticed that the highly intense light stimuli can aggravate the migraine condition. Strong smells similarly do the same thing. So the people suffering from migraines are advised to avoid lights and strong fragrances like perfumes and smoke.
Taking too much stress can also trigger the migraine.
Some medications such as oral contraceptives and many vasodilators are known for increasing the intensity and episodes of migraine.
Sleep disturbances are another factor that precipitates the condition of migraine. Getting too much sleep or remaining sleepless both can aggravate the migraines.
Adding too much salty and cheesy food in the diet also can increase the migraine headaches. In this case doctors advise the patients to observe fast for some time or to skip the meals for some days.
Weather changes are also considered responsible for the migraines. The air pressure is known for potentiating the migraine and its side effects.
Symptoms of migraine
Migraines are accompanied by a number of symptoms. Some of these commonly observed symptoms are vision loss, mood swings, pins and needles sensations in the limbs, hearing hallucinations, jerky rhythmical movements, extreme degree of numbness in the affected side of the body, food cravings with increased thirst, constipation and most important of all is the neck stiffness.
Occurrence of migraine
Migraine headaches are common in all age groups. They often begin in the childhood and prevail till the adolescence and early adulthoods.
Prolotherapy for the treatment of migraine
Prolotherapy is the technique that employees the use of injections for the treatment of migraine and other headache related problems. The Prolotherapy is used to subside the pain, inflammation and swelling at the headache site. These remarkable effects are achieved by injecting the ached tissue with thenatural formulations containing various vitamins, minerals, local anesthetics and many other natural substances.
We offer the best Prolotherapy at our clinic Venturis Chiropactic and acupuncture in the Oklahoma city. Our highly experienced Dr. Alvin Philipose has been performing prolotheray for patients from all over the world from the last 20 years. He ensures the best treatment with the successful outcomes.
Prolotherapy is employed by many methods like the use of collagen, dextrose solution pitcher plant extract and most importantly ozone. These methods are discussed below. All of these have the high success rate. The initial injection of Prolotherapy with ozone causes temporary pain and irritation for some time but then 90% of migraine pain subsides after a few minutes permanently.
Prolotherapy using the dextrose solution in the injections for pain relief of migraine
The migraine pain may be intra cranial or extra cranial. Intra cranial pain is due to the irritation of meninges and extra cranial migraine commonly arises due to the disturbance of the structures outside the cranium. These structures are visual disturbances, nasal headache or any muscular pin that leads to the migraine headache. Some environmental factors also add to the migraine pains. Weak and loose cranial ligaments also give rose to migraine.
Dextrose solutions in the Prolotherapy have excellent results. These injections are known for healing the torn and distorted ligaments whose stretching induces migraine. These stretched tissues make the head muscles relatively unstable and this way the visual and other alignments of the head got disturbed.
Migraine can also arise when the blood vessels supplying the head are constricted and therefore the rate of blood perfusion is slow. In this case the dextrose solution in the Prolotherapy acts as a vasodilator and restores the normal blood flow thus relieving the pain.
Prolotherapy using collagen formation mechanisms
Some of the Prolotherapy methods use the injections that stimulate the body immune response to produce collagen fibers. The collagen is then used for the repair of disrupted tendons, loose ligaments and muscles of the head region. Prolotherapy is the best known technique as it has the tendency to heal the body disruptions naturally.
Proliferation of blood vessels
The dextrose solution contains some of the vibrant growth factors that stimulate the vascular endothelial cells of the migraine area hence causing enormous growth of blood vessels. These expanding blood vessels restore the normal blood flow and repair the ligamentous wear and tear of the migraine side of the head. This pronounced blood supply works for the betterment of body own healing mechanism and let the ruptured tissues to repair themselves.
Pain relief
The Prolotherapy procedure employing the dextrose solution combined with natural plant extracts gives excellent results for the relief from pain permanently. When this solution is injected, it stimulates the cartilage and the torn ligaments growth, these growing structures add to the strength of head region. Hence, the pain which was due to the inflamed , lax and degenerated structures at the head joints, get corrected permanently.
Prolotherapy with ozone in the treatment of migraines
The prolotherapy procedure using ozone is commonly called Prolozone. This procedure is now very common in use for the treatment of migraine. The prolozone treatment involves the injections of ozone gas, anti inflammatory medications, minerals and vitamins, and various proliferative agents into the injured cervical region.
This treatment is widely opted as it causes the permanent cure of the severe pain and marked proliferation and regeneration in the damaged and inflammed area.
How does prolozone works?
The combination of prolotherapy with ozone works by many ways. Each of them is discussed below:
Relief from pain and inflammation
It was experimented that intense pain in the migraine was due to many factors. Some scientists suggested that the pain was due to the irritation of many intra articular structures like ligaments, bone cavity, menisci around the joints and various loose ligaments and tendons. And most important of all these factors is the inflammation around the injured joint which induces sharp pain.
Pain from all these causative agents is significantly relieved by prolozone injections. The injection of ozone causes the suppression of all the inflammatory molecules like the inter leukines and substance P. When these pain eliciting inflammatory factors are suppressed the pain also gets suppressed.
Increasing the oxygen utilization by the damaged ligaments and tissues
Stimulation of various growth factors to repair the ruptured tendons

Why prolotherapy is better than surgery and drugs

Prolotherapy is less expensive and faster than surgery and drugs usage.

Prolotherapy injections cause the immediate decrease in pain sensations. Initially the injection pains for some minutes but later on about 80% to 90% of the pain subsides. In contrary other medications and surgical methods have delayed and temporary effects.
Several anti inflammatory medications cause over expression of the pro inflammatory cytokines and corpuscles whereas this aspect is avoided in prolotherapy.
A remarkable increase in the thickness of cartilage and ligaments thickness is seen after the prolotherapy with ozone. This fact leads to the strengthening of head joints and the attached ligaments, fascia and muscles and prevents their degeneration further.
This is the best effective technique for the treatment of severe outcomes of the migraine.
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