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The effectiveness of PROLOTHERAPY for recalcitrant Medial TIBIAL Stress Syndrome: a prospective consecutive CASE series

J Foot Ankle Res. 2021; 14: 32. Published online 2021 Apr 16. doi: 10.1186/s13047-021-00453-z PMCID: PMC8052809 PMID: 33863355 The effectiveness of PROLOTHERAPY for recalcitrant Medial TIBIAL Stress Syndrome: a prospective consecutive CASE series Nat Padhiar,1,2,3 Mark Curtin,1 Osama Aweid,1 Bashaar Aweid,1 Dylan Morrissey,1 Otto Chan,2 Peter Malliaras,1,4 and Tom Crisp1,2 Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer Associated Data Data Availability Statement Go to: Abstract Background Medial tibial stress […]

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Managing Sciatica: 8 Life-Changing Facts

Anyone looking for lasting Oklahoma City lower back pain relief needs to know a thing or two about the condition. Otherwise, it becomes harder to trace why the painful symptoms happen and find a sustainable way to experience lasting relief. As your go-to option for low back pain relief in Oklahoma City, we thought of […]

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Prolotherapy for Knees FAQs

Do your knees hurt? Knee pain is quite common, especially in older adults or overweight people. Fortunately, it rarely is a cause of concern. Knee pain can result from overuse or a sports injury. Some can bear the aches while others cannot work while they suffer extreme pain that prevents them from walking or taking […]

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Why Would Your Neck Hurt? 8 Neck Pain Causes

Neck pain is a killjoy that bothers anyone who has it. It’s the worst day when you feel sore and unable to move your neck or turn your head. While neckache usually disappears after a few days, a patient must observe when neck pain becomes regular and too painful, for it must indicate something more […]

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The Cause of Numb and Tingling Fingers While Typing

Numbing and tingling fingers are the worst nightmares for people working office jobs. That’s because, without fully functional fingers, they fail to perform usual work tasks like drafting a report or communicating with team members through chat and email. Dr. Alvin Philipose, our Oklahoma City chiropractor for pinched nerves, has come across many people with […]

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Have Lower Back Pain While Pregnant? 5 Effective Remedies

Women experience a lot of body aches during pregnancy. One of them is back pain. It is one of the reasons why many pregnant women are consulting a lower back pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City. The level of their pain can go from mild to severe. For first-time moms, an aching back can be scary. […]

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