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Are you in pain? have you tried everything to alleviate the pain with no success and either trying to avoid surgery or the surgery didn’t work? Tried steroids, drugs or even stem cell therapy? In many cases, surgeries may be necessary for proper recovery from a severe case of injury. However, we have seen many cases where the surgeries itself did not provide the relief patients were looking for and still in a severe amount of pain. Our combination of LaserNeedle Acupuncture and Prolotherapy delivers a natural alternative to the drugs and surgeries with results seen in as littles as one visit. With over 18 years of experience and seeing thousands of patients, patients now have an opportunity to get back to their normal lives without the risks of failed back surgeries or opioid addiction.

Laserneedle Acupuncture delivers a soothing, deep, penetrating, photonic energy directly to a damaged site allowing profound physiological changes. the inflammation is reduced, pain gates are blocked and damaged tissues begin with the physiological process of repair faster than normal. This all occurs as the essential healing factors are brought into damaged tendons, joints, and ligaments using a natural formula of Prolotherapy under a ultrasound guided imaging. The therapeutic enhancements of cellular chemistry is truly profound providing amazing relief and recovery.

Are Pills, Steroids, Surgeries Solutions for Chronic Pain?

If your medical provider has prescribed you to take pain or anti-inflammatory medications, then we advise you to listen to your primary care physician and do what they say. However, Opioid based pills such as Oxycontin as we have all learned can cause fatal addictions and NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory) Pills may cause ulcers in your intestines. You may also have been recommended to have epidural injections or a spinal fusion surgery, which may have benefits but major risks as well.

Insist on Dr. Philipose’s LaserNeedle Acupuncture & Prolotherapy for Fast, Soothing Relief.

The LaserNeedle Acupuncture & Prolotherapy is an innovative and scientific approach to treat the damaged tissue area and allow natural healing. This new approach offers a more calculated approach to pain relief by photobiostimulation combined with natural collagen growth. The treatment allows deep penetrating energy to the exact site of damage using a digital ultrasound to increase circulation, stimulation and increase tissue healing. This creates a decrease in the level of pain and inflammation, activates acupuncture meridians to normalize nerve function, and stimulate healing energy. These changes of cellular chemistry are triggered by the Prolotherapy solutions designed specifically for each individual patient. It does not use any invasive drugs, surgeries or even costly stem cell therapies. During the treatment, the patient feels a deep-soothing warmth and a pleasant sensation that reassures the patient that the laser is stimulating the damaged and painful area and preparing the patient for long lasting relief!

My goal is to provide the most excellent healthcare possible with the friendliest and most caring staff. Our purpose is to help people get well and stay healthy with no drugs or surgery. Patients travel from all over the state as well as the country so should you need a Free Phone Consultation before you come down, or you would like help with a local hotel, let our staff know.

We help patients with the following:

Acute or Chronic Joint Pains, Auto Injuries, Whiplash, Migraines, Hips/Knees and especially Sciatica, Stenosis, Failed Back Surgery, and Bulging/Degenerative Disc.

“I visited Venturis Clinic because I had literally tried everything. I didn’t want to do the surgery and looked at a $15,000 stem cell procedure. After talking to Dr. Philipose, he suggested I try a different approach and try a visit with him nd see what I thought. I saw relief within 24 hours. I spent the next few months going through a few visits and I am doing more now with my activities than I ever have before. I can’t thank him or his caring staff enough!”

We don’t accept every case but if you are suffering and would like to get a FREE SECOND OPINION AS WELL AS A MRI REVIEW & FREE DIGITAL ULTRASOUND IMAGING, This may be your answer. However, If what you are doing currently is working, this may not be for you.

Call Venturis Clinic 405-848-7246 and talk to Melissa. Tell her you are calling to find out about the new LaserNeedle treatment and she can get you scheduled.

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