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Lateral Epicondylosis "Tennis Elbow" and Prolotherapy - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Lateral Epicondylosis "Tennis Elbow" and Prolotherapy - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Lateral epicondylosis (“tennis elbow”) is an important condition of the upper extremity with an incidence of 4–7/1000 patients per year in primary care settings. Its greatest impact is on people with repetitive and high-load upper extremity tasks and on athletes. The most common cause of tennis elbow may repetition activities such as keyboarding, though formal […]

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Prolotherapy for ankle pain - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Anyone who follows professional sports has probably heard of the benefits of regenerative medicine treatments like prolotherapy for orthopedic injuries. From famous baseball players with potentially career-ending knee and shoulder injuries to men and women suffering from chronic pain due to a foot and ankle injury or degenerative condition, prolotherapy uses the body’s own healing […]

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Effectiveness, Risks and Complications of Prolotherapy- oklahoma city

Effectiveness, Risks and Complications of Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is a kind of injection-based treatment which is mainly used for treating chronic musculoskeletal conditions. It is highly used in the treatment of low back pain, tendonitis, and knee osteoarthritis. It is basically injected into the soft tissue of the patient mainly on the injured joint. This type of […]

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Prolotherapy for Chronic Low Back Pain: Outcome, Recovery, Risks, Complications - oklahoma city

Prolotherapy for Chronic Low Back Pain: Outcome, Recovery, Risks, Complications Chronic low back pain is a common medical problem and there is no universally effective treatment for this. There are treatment options for the pain; however, it is vital to understand the reason behind every treatment option. Prolotherapy is an injection-based procedure that can treat […]

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Neural Therapy for Chronic Pain and neuropathy - Oklahoma City

Neural therapy is a powerful treatment that can be quite effective in resolving autonomic nervous system dysfunction and pain, especially in the complex pain patient. Chronic pain is a major problem in our society not just because of its prevalence, but also because of the general lack of effective treatment for patients afflicted with chronic […]

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Dry needling for Chronic Neck and Back Pain - Oklahoma City

Chronic neck and back pain can be debilitating, especially when you're living with it day in and day out. There's no quick fix—the only way to really get relief from the symptoms is to try different treatments that are tailored to your specific needs. And since there's no one-size-fits-all solution, it can be tough to […]

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