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The Cause of Numb and Tingling Fingers While Typing

tingling fingers, Oklahoma City chiropractor for pinched nervesNumbing and tingling fingers are the worst nightmares for people working office jobs. That’s because, without fully functional fingers, they fail to perform usual work tasks like drafting a report or communicating with team members through chat and email. Dr. Alvin Philipose, our Oklahoma City chiropractor for pinched nerves, has come across many people with this health complaint. Through the years, he has managed to provide helpful and well-rounded solutions. 

If you share the same problem, the discussion below might shed light on what you should do to eliminate the discomfort and continue working with fully functional fingers.


The Anatomy of the Human Hands and Fingers

The human hands and fingers consist of 27 tiny bones and hundreds of connective tissues. They also have several muscle fibers supplied with blood vessels and nerve roots. Thanks to the complex structure and design of the hand and fingers, you can do a wide range of movements, including grabbing objects, threading a needle, and typing words on your computer or mobile device. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the hands and fingers fail to function correctly because of muscle strain or bone fracture. They can also feel numb because of a pinched nerve in the wrists, arms, or spine. A pinched or compressed nerve near your hands can also lead to a tingling sensation which can affect your hands’ functionality.


How To Know If You Have Pinched Nerve

Tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers indicates median nerve compression. So, if you notice both symptoms, especially after a long workday, you should consider seeing a neurologist or a doctor of chiropractic for help. By doing so, you can determine if you really do have median nerve compression and if you need an Oklahoma City chiropractor for pinched nerves or a physical therapist. 

You should expect to undergo procedures like an X-ray and MRI scan during your diagnosis. These advanced digital imaging techniques aim to map out the location of other nerves and find abnormalities in your bones and soft tissues alignment. You might also need an EMG or electromyography test to check nerve function and gauge the extent of nerve damage.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Why a Pinched Median Nerve Hurts When You Type 

Repetitive motions, such as typing letters on the keyboard, worsen nerve compression. These types of movements increase swelling in your median nerve. They can also result in numbing and tingling sensations because of the advanced deterioration of the myelin sheath or the protective layer of the nerve. If you get diagnosed with median nerve compression, it’s imperative to manage other known risk factors, such as:

  • The position of your wrists when using your keyboard 
  • Fracture or wrist trauma that can worsen your median nerve compression
  • Presence of spinal misalignment 
  • Pre-existing conditions like degenerative disc diseases, obesity, and diabetes
  • Increased fluid retention because of kidney problems or pregnancy


How to Avoid or Worsen Median Nerve Compression 

There aren’t proven techniques used to prevent median nerve compression. However, you can make minor adjustments to your routine to reduce nerve compression and speed up the healing process. Here are several solutions you can try to curb your symptoms and protect against the impacts of median nerve compression: 

  • Adjust your sitting and typing position 
  • Place your elbows near your body when you use the keyboard
  • Relax your wrist when working 
  • Invest in good-quality workspace furnishing
  • Switch to an ergonomic keyboard and mouse
  • Avoid sitting for long hours 
  • Keep your hands and fingers warm and comfy while working 
  • Remove large pieces of jewelry like your bracelets and rings 
  • Use a wrist splint to support your hand when you rest your fingers
  • Stretch your hands and fingers in between breaks
  • Get your spine adjusted by an Oklahoma City chiropractor for pinched nerves

Be sure to keep these tips in mind, especially when working on tasks at home or the office. Additionally, we recommend seeing a specific chiropractor so you can check if your nerve pain stems from misaligned bones of the spine.


Unlock Healing with an Oklahoma City Chiropractor for Pinched Nerves

Working long hours every day is inevitable for office workers, writers, virtual assistants, secretaries, data analysts, and other professionals. Unfortunately, this can lead to muscle and joint strain on their wrists and hands. It also causes spinal misalignments in some cases because some workers maintain poor sitting positions. As a result, nerve pinching problems such as median compression worsen and cause noticeable tingling and numbing sensations. 

If you are someone who constantly feels numbing or tingling in your fingers while typing, we recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Alvin. Our doctor of chiropractic won’t take long to run diagnostic tests like the leg length test, physical examination, and 3D X-ray scans of the spine. Then, once he has the results, he can discuss how he will adjust your bones to help relieve the pressure from your compressed median nerve. 

Patients from different work backgrounds have received specific chiropractic adjustments at our practice. Like you, they suffer from constant bouts of nerve pain because their head, neck, and spine fail to align correctly. After they completed their adjustments and retrained their spinal bones, the tingling and numbing sensation on their fingers, hands, arms, and other parts of their body faded gradually. 

Start healing your irritated or compressed median nerve and see improvements with your hands and fingers. Once you’re ready, feel free to drop us a line at (405) 848-7246 or schedule your appointment with Dr. Philipose, our Oklahoma City chiropractor for pinched nerves.


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