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Have Lower Back Pain While Pregnant? 5 Effective Remedies

lower back pain chiropractor in Oklahoma CityWomen experience a lot of body aches during pregnancy. One of them is back pain. It is one of the reasons why many pregnant women are consulting a lower back pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City.

The level of their pain can go from mild to severe. For first-time moms, an aching back can be scary. However, it is a normal part of pregnancy, especially as the baby grows. Also, you are gaining weight, experiencing hormonal changes, and, of course, getting overwhelmed by stress, which are factors for back pain during pregnancy. 

So, you need to take a little step back from the anxious thoughts. This blog will help you understand back pain during pregnancy and achieve lower back pain relief. Consider these tips to keep your pregnancy safe, comfortable, and pain-free. 


Lower Back Pain Symptoms During Pregnancy

Before you learn the effective ways to achieve lower back pain relief, you must understand the symptoms of your condition. By identifying whether you experience these symptoms during pregnancy, you will know whether you suffer from lower back pain or a more severe condition. This way, you will get the appropriate care you need. Here is what happens if you have back pain during pregnancy. 

  • You may be feeling a sharp or dull pain in one side of your lower back
  • You may be feeling a radiating pain in the area around the back of your leg and thigh
  • You are finding it hard to lift the front part of your foot while taking a step
  • You may feel the pain getting worse at night as a result of your expanding uterus

Since the pain affects your lower back, consulting an Oklahoma City chiropractor may help trace the underlying cause of your problem. But if your symptoms are so bad that you find it difficult to leave the house, you may try some home remedies in the meantime. Attain lower back pain relief by reading our tips in the next part of this blog.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Ways to Relieve Pregnancy Lower Back Pain

Is your lower back pain starting to creep in? Try one of these helpful tips from our lower back pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City to achieve relief. These ways can also help you correct your posture. They can also help you build a better and stronger back to support the baby’s growth inside your womb. 

1. Practice pregnancy yoga 

Try yoga if you are looking for a way to improve your back’s strength and improve its flexibility. This practice roots in India and is one of the most popular ways to ease back pain among pregnant women. It targets any aching joints and muscles in the lower back. Not only that but it can also correct and improve your posture – preparing you for a safe birthing process. 

2. Try guided meditations for pregnant women

Meditation works in relieving lower back pain. Unlike yoga, you can meditate anywhere at home and at any time. With meditation, you won’t need any fancy mat to sit on. All you have to do is find a quiet place in your home and sit down. The primary focus of this back pain relief technique is to help your back muscles relax. You can do it by sitting straight and breathing deeply. 

If you are a beginner at meditating, you may listen to guided meditations. Meditation can help stimulate your brain to release stress hormones. Additionally, it increases your pain tolerance, enabling you to cope with labor, delivery, and back pain. 

3. Do not do heavy activities at home 

Are you someone who gets uncomfortable when not doing anything? Well, no is the time to limit your workload and give yourself from break, Mama. Doing heavy and continuous work at home can put a strain on your lower back. So, put that box down and take a seat. You may also consult your OB-GYN to determine the recommended amount of weight you can carry. 

4. Sleep with the proper posture

Getting enough sleep is essential – most especially if you are pregnant. However, many pregnant women like you may find it difficult to sleep soundly, especially if your lower back is aching. To stop back pain from waking you up from sleep, be sure to sleep with a posture that supports your spine. One way to do it is to sleep on your side while bending your knees. 

To maintain this sleep position throughout the night, try placing a piece of the pillow between your legs. You may also purchase a special pregnancy pillow for better back support. 

5. Get specific chiropractic care

Specific chiropractic is one of the safest forms of care for pregnant women with lower back pain issues. It addresses the root of your problem without reaching for a prescription pad. Instead, a lower back pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City ensures to offer you a natural solution to ease your pain.  

Specific chiropractic adjusts the spine from top to bottom. It ensures to keep these bones in alignment with each other. Keeping your spine in alignment can help restore the vital function of your nervous system, help you cope with pregnancy stress, and relieve the pain in your lower back. You don’t have to worry because this specific chiropractic adjustment is gentle and safe for you and the baby. Moreover, it adds no pressure on your abdomen.  


Visit a Lower Back Pain Chiropractor in Oklahoma City 

Your back’s health is vital to ensure a safe birthing process. So, achieve low back pain relief as early as now.

Venturis Chiropractic & Prolotherapy at Oklahoma City CA can provide you with the care you need for a healthy pregnancy. Specific chiropractic technique helps reduce complication in your spine. In addition, with this form of care, your body will naturally recover from back pain. Therefore, you will cope better with the significant body changes during and after pregnancy. 

So, contact us and book an appointment with our Oklahoma City chiropractor. You can also reach our office at (405) 848-7246. Our team would be happy to take care of you.


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