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Prolotherapy and rotator cuff injuries - Oklahoma City

If you're suffering from a rotator cuff injury or shoulder pain, prolotherapy may be right for you. Prolotherapy is a non-surgical method of treating an injury that causes the body to recognize an injury and repair it by stimulating the growth of new cells. This method is also known as regenerative injection therapy.

Prolotherapy works by injecting a natural solution into the ligament, tendon or joint at the site of your injury. This solution stimulates your body's healing response and strengthens the area surrounding the injury.

In addition to reducing pain, this treatment can help restore your range of motion, strengthen your muscles, and increase blood flow to the affected area. The process begins with an evaluation from a physical therapist who will determine if prolotherapy is right for you. If it's determined that you're a candidate for this treatment, then injections will be administered based on a comprehensive treatment plan.

Prolotherapy can help with other types of injuries as well as chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Call Venturis in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at 405-848-7246 for more information.

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