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Treatments with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) provide a safe highly effective method for delivering and increasing the oxygen levels to all body systems. Increasing oxygen helps to eliminate harmful toxic substances, stimulate capillary growth, and repair damage to the body.

In our clear single person chamber, your whole body is pressurized with 2 to 3 times the normal pressure while being immersed in breathing 100% pure oxygen. This saturate your deprived tissues, blood, and fluids with up to 20 times more than the normal concentration of oxygen

What can HBOT do?

Enhances the body’s ability to kill bacteria and viruses.

Increases circulation and capillary development

Provides more oxygen to the muscles to increase energy, healing and performance

Decreases Inflammation

Skin looks healthier and younger.

Increase bone density

“Wakes up” damaged cells, and stimulates cell production as well as brain cells

Helps revers damage to DNA

Stimulates fibroblasts to make collagen

Increase by eight fold, the number of stem cells throughout the body.

As we age, we lose vital capacity to effectively obtain adequate oxygen.

Injuries, infections, or diseases can cause a drop in tissue oxygen levels down to almost zero, destroying tissue, and delay healing.

Promote Healing

Help your body utilize oxygen better.

Improve your health, fitness, stamina, and endurance

Oxygenate your way to health and vitality.

The number of treatments you require varies between patients. It depends upon your particular problem, the severity and duration. Some may only require to and other such a severe conditions require up to 40 and sometimes 80 treatments. It is best to do treatments weekly since the effects are cumulative. We recommend 4 times per week for moderate to severe cases. We offer chamber treatments Monday through Friday. The duration of each treatment is between 50 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

What are treatments like?

During treatment, you will feel pressure in your ears, much like you feel in an airplane at the beginning and end of a flight. While you're having your treatment you can sleep, watch a movie or TV, listen to an audiobook, or music while you live comfortably.

HBOT treatments are noninvasive and painless. Side effects are rare and minimal.

For best results, Venturis has developed aggressive and effective screenings and therapies to assist in chronic conditions. Screening tools such as Digital Motion X-ray and ultrasound imaging assist in diagnosing causes of vertigo, migraines, concussions and other chronic pain when other approaches have been unsuccessful. We also offer Vitamin Ozone Infusion as well as hyperbaric injections that contain 100% natural solutions that effectively help heal damaged tissue. Ask our front desk to schedule a FREE Screening with our doctor.

Common conditions treated:

Brain Injuries






Tendon, ligament injuries


Vagus Nerve Inflammation

Post surgical healing

Neuropathy/Nerve pain

Lyme’s disease




Multiple Sclerosis

Trigeminal neuralgia

Eye problems

Health and Beauty

Post Covid- Long haulers

Chronic fatigue

And many more

We do not treat contagious or infectious diseases


We are dedicated to our communities wellness which is why we offer the most affordable prices for HBOT in Oklahoma.

Prices start at $40 Out of Pocket

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