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This is Dr. Phillipose here at Venturis Clinic and today we're going to be talking about why a second opinion. Second opinions are important for people that have tried various things.90% of our cases have done physical therapy, drugs or may be facing surgery or have had surgery. 

A lot of times things can get overlooked. So prime example of that is people that suffer from herniated or degenerative disc disease have pain off to the side, which is what we usually find as a SI joint instability, the ligaments that come from L4/ L5, that attached to the pelvis are unstable. So even though the condition that they're diagnosed with is on the spine, the pain is off to the side and whether the right or left side, and you can feel this pain and difficult sitting for long periods of time. Walking, sitting anything like that can be difficult. 

What we do is run a digital motion X-ray, ultrasound and compare MRIs.  Sometimes other conditions may be related. So if you have an unstable Atlanto-Axial ligament, then what we find is that the inflammation could occur in the Vaguss nerve cranial nerve number eight. You can get vertigo, you can get IBS type of symptoms in the stomach, and this inflammation can be measured and addressed at the same time as treating the neck. The Atlanto-axial instability is something that is very common for someone that may have degenerative disc or some sort of cervical pain. In general, getting a second opinion is always important. So if you have a loved one or if you are kind of frustrated, you're kind of just kind of going through the motions and tired of taking drugs. No one's giving you answers. Then give us a call at (405) 848-7246. Let me take a look at you and let's get you back on path to true wellness.. 

So that's Venturis at  4 0 5 8 4 8 7 2 4 6.  

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