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The Cause of Numb and Tingling Fingers While Typing
The Cause of Numb and Tingling Fingers While Typing

Numbing and tingling fingers are the worst nightmares for people working office jobs. That’s because, without fully functional fingers, they fail to perform usual work tasks like drafting a report or communicating with team members through chat and email. Dr. Alvin Philipose, our Oklahoma City chiropractor for pinched nerves, has come across many people with […]

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Have Lower Back Pain While Pregnant? 5 Effective Remedies

Women experience a lot of body aches during pregnancy. One of them is back pain. It is one of the reasons why many pregnant women are consulting a lower back pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City. The level of their pain can go from mild to severe. For first-time moms, an aching back can be scary. […]

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3 Everyday Habits That Injure Your Neck

Here’s a piece of advice from our neck pain chiropractor in Oklahoma City: Be mindful of your routine as some of your daily habits actually hurt your neck.  The neck does a tough job. It keeps your head attached to your body throughout your lifetime. Therefore, even the simplest mistake of sitting with an improper […]

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5 Ways Sitting is Killing Your Nerves

Too much sitting can harm your nerves just as much as smoking does. Think about how long you sit for an entire day. Your day job is perhaps making you spend 8-12 hours on a chair with very minimal breaks. And at home, you probably spend your rest time being a couch potato and just […]

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Back Pain When Sitting: Causes and Remedies

Many people visit a specific chiropractor for lower back pain in Oklahoma City. They have two goals in mind: 1) to find the root of their suffering and 2) to get natural relief. These topics are what exactly we will be talking about in this blog. So, be sure to read until the end.   […]

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Neck Stiffness: Why Do You Have It?

Each of us had experienced uncomfortable neck stiffness at some point in our lives. Sometimes it is bearable, can be ignored for the most part. But other days, it’s throbbing, aching, and burning that you would be in tears if you turn your head around. The pain and stiffness often grow, ruining your plans for […]

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