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What are migraines ? How Prolotherapy is the best opted procedure for its treatment?
What are migraines ? How Prolotherapy is the best opted procedure for its treatment?

What is a migraine?Migraine is an intense and throbbing pain usually felt on the side of the head. This pain may be intra cranial or extra cranial. Intra cranial pain is due to the irritation of meninges and extra cranial migraine commonly arises due to the disturbance of the structures outside the cranium. These structures […]

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What is plantar fasciitis? How Prolotherapy is the best proposed solution for its treatment?

What is plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is broadly classified as the inflammation of the broad tissue at the base of feet. This condition arises because of the stretching of the band of tissue that runs across the whole length of the foot and serves to connect the heel with the toes. When this broad band […]

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What is whiplash? How it can be treated using Prolotherapy?

What is whiplash? Whiplash is categorized as the cracking and forceful injury of the neck due to any sudden blow or excessive back and forth movements of the neck. The occurrence of this type of injury is common in automobile accidents, traumas, and some types of sports injuries. There is a wide array of symptoms […]

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What is shoulder pain? What are its causes? How Prolotherapy helps the best treatment of this disease?

What is shoulder pain and how it occurs?Stabbing pain is felt sometimes at the shoulder girdle. The shoulder joint is the ball and socket variety of joint that allows the wide variety of movements. Severe pain arises around the shoulder joint if any of the structures surrounding the joint cavity are ruptured or disturbed. These […]

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What is knee arthritis? Why and how Prolotherapy is the best procedure for its treatment?

What is knee arthritis? Arthritis is generally defined as the inflammation of the synovial membranes of the body joints. Knee arthritis is the inflammation of knee joint, the joint with versatile movements. It is an age related disease mostly affecting people over the age of 50 years but also occurs in young ones. Knee arthritis […]

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What is bulging or degenerative disc? How does prolotherapy helps in recovery from this?

What is degenerative or bulging disc?Degenerative disc is an age related problem. With the increasing age, there is an increasing risk of breaking down of various discs between the vertebrae of spinal cord. These breaking or deteriorating discs are called bulging or degenerative discs. Many changes arise when the discsThe outer tough part of disc […]

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