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What It’s Like to Have a Pinched Nerve in The Neck- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
What It’s Like to Have a Pinched Nerve in The Neck- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Most people with achy necks aren’t aware that they have a pinched nerve. That’s because many associate their pain with muscle strain or overextension of the neck.  If you need urgent pinched nerve relief, our guide below can help you figure out what to do and how to get in touch with a chiropractor for […]

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Start Walking to Relieve Your Low Back Pain

Walking is one of the most overlooked options for lower back pain relief in Oklahoma City, OK. Most people rest in bed when back pain creeps in. There’s nothing wrong with letting your body relax. However, being glued to the bed for so long won’t help your back get better faster.  Adding a regular walk […]

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Working at Home? Here’s How to Prevent Neck Pain

The pandemic has resulted in many companies and industries shifting to remote working. But, unfortunately, not all of us are ready for this new work arrangement. Clueless about the harmful effects of constant, long hours of sitting in front of the computer, some don’t even bother setting up proper working spaces at home.  In this […]

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Top 8 Simple Options for Pinched Nerve Relief

Pain isn’t a rare occurrence because the human body has thousands to millions of pain receptors in the skin and muscles. These tiny receptors constantly detect sources of pain like heat from candles and the sharp edge of a knife. They also detect problems like a compressed or pinched nerve, a common problem that develops […]

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Debunking Top 7 Myths About Back Pain

They say we live in an age where we can easily find the information we need on almost any topic. This is true without a doubt. If you Google back pain, you will end up with pages after pages of information from various websites. However, not all of them speak facts. You might also come […]

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Get Rid of Neck Pain with These 5 Sleeping Practices

Did you know that thousands of people go to a specific chiropractor in Oklahoma City because of neck pain? At first, it may not seem like a severe problem. However, neck pain can quickly become a lingering or worsening symptom that can set off a series of problems like difficulty moving your head or taking […]

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